O.s.p. Orikanemushi Daddy

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Osp Orikanemushi Daddy. Orikanemushi Daddy by OSP is a very enticing bug lure, ideal in situations with high fishing pressure. Larger than Orikanemushi, it maintains its precious characteristics, being more sinking when necessary and very castable and precise. The rather small shape, combined with the popper-style head that generates sounds and splashes, makes Orikanemushi a topwater insect bait capable of unleashing bass attacks. The single hook with guards avoid snagging, while the soft body encourages you to bite. A slow retrieve, with the baiting effect generated by the mouth and legs, is able to make even expert or suspicious bass bite. This softbait is very attractive not only for bass, but also for a variety of predators, such as trout, pike, zander and chub.

Volume-up body realized high appeal power and power for tempting big bass. So this should be called high potential model. Weight has increased 1.6 times heavier (4.5g) than original model. This contributed to castability very much. You can cast it with baitcasting tackle, so you can attack deep cover where used to be dangerous to use light line. Only baitcasting tackle performs precise cast and high pitch cast, So bite chance has increased. Moreover, if you use spinning tackle, you can cast it very long. Thus Orikane-mushi Dady has overcome the weak point of bug lure, namely distance. Bug lure has stepped into unknown area. Orikane-mushi Daddy is aggressively evolves bug fishing.



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4.1 c cm2 pcs
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4.1 c cm 2 pcs

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